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Introducing the iFred Five Day Global Hope Challenge:  A free course dedicated to helping you develop the skills you need to create, maintain, and grow hope in your life.

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What if I told you that Hope was teachable? That it actually predicts how long you will live, how quickly you will recover from diseases, how well you will do in sports, and how likely you are to graduate from high school?

What if I told you that Hope was a skill, you could practice, every day. Too good to be true? No!

Hope is a skill that each and every person has the capacity to learn. A hope is not the same as a wish. A hope is a vision, fueled by positive feelings and inspired actions; positive feelings and inspired actions that you can foster by implementing daily skills in your life.


5 Days, 5 Lessons, 5 Actions. The Five Day Global Hope Challenge was designed for the first annual International Day of Hope and is ideal for governments, workplaces, and schools. It highlights the critical hope skills encompassed in the Five Keys to SHINE for Hope.


The Global Hope Challenges send you daily e-mails with:

A short lesson about the day’s hope skill

Links to additional resources for hope

A daily activity to help you put your hope skills into action

Complete the challenge with a friend or in the workplace. Encourage others. Get engaged in our Hopeful Cities campaign, explore the Hopeful Minds curriculums, and share hope with the people around you.


Kathryn Goetzke, MBA, is the Founder of iFred and creator of the award-winning program, Hopeful Minds, teaching hope to kids free globally. She is the author of The Biggest Little Book About Hope, host of The Hope Matrix Podcast, and the entrepreneur and innovator behind Mood-lites™, a brand that achieved over 35 million dollars in retail sales and raised over 1M in the first nationwide cause marketing for mental health. She is Chief Mood Officer at The Mood Factory, with a scent line called Mood-scents based on how scents impact moods, and teaches how to create more hope and happiness in the workplace and life.

She is on several global advisory boards around the world for mental health, and shared her story at the United Nations urging leaders to take action to incorporate mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals. Kathryn believes hope is a human right, as it is a known protective factor against anxiety and depression, and must be free and available to all. She is excited to take you on this journey to hope, and share with you what she has identified as the ‘5 Keys to Hope’.

Introducing the Five Keys to SHINE for Hope

Hope is a vision, fueled by positive feelings and inspired actions. It is this cycle of positive feelings and inspired actions that creates and sustains hope. 


As you work your way through this course, I will be teaching you skills associated with each of the Five Keys to SHINE for Hope:

Stress Skills

Happiness Habits

Inspired Actions

Nourishing Network

Eliminating Challenges

When used together, the Five Keys to SHINE for hope will help you to activate hope.


Will the Global Health Challenge make you hopeful?


No. We can teach you the “how-to” of hope, but the decision to do the work and embrace the skills is up to you.  You have to want it, and be willing to take inspired actions to make it happen. And, you have to be willing to reach out for help when you need it.


The reality is, we are all stressed. And when stressed, we can turn to bad habits; overeating, addictions, outbursts, even violence. We can avoid the things that keep us healthy, and bring us happiness and joy, such as exercise, nutrition, and laughter. We can isolate ourselves, and lose our strong support networks. We can ruminate and worry. Excessively.


These courses won’t make you hopeful, but it will take you through the process of creating, maintaining, and growing hope. It is a process that I have developed and evolved over the years, based on the knowledge of hope experts, my own research, and lived experience.


The Global Hope Challenges has been created based on my work with Hopeful Minds, the vision of iFred, and the tireless work of people around the world. The challenges are constantly evolving as we learn more about the power of hope, and continue to research the best ways to inspire hope in ourselves and others.


These are critical skills that we all need in our lives. Each and every one of us. Now, more than ever.

Take good care, all, and enjoy the journey. To hope.


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We encourage it! These challenges introduce the skills you need to create, maintain, and grow hope. However, if you want to be good at hope, you have to practice hope skills every day. What better way to stay on track than to periodically take the challenges again to refocus your goals.

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